Mobile First

Complete HOA sites are designed for a mobile-first world. Your HOA site will look just as good and be just as user-friendly regardless of the device used to access it. Residents will have access to all of your community's content anytime, anywhere, and on any device they choose. Stay connected with your community whenever you need it.

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Effective Communication

We recognize the need to communicate important, relevant, and timely information to your residents. We also understand the need for a quality, functional, and professional community website that allows two-way communication to the community. Communication should be simple and Complete HOA provides you the tools to build a well-informed community easily and effectively.

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Simplified Experience

Complete HOA simplifies the experience for everyone in the community. Automation tools, designation abilities, and our Concierge Service allow an HOA to focus on their community and not on their website.

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Key Benefits

Improving communication with the community can result in greater resident satisfaction with the HOA and Property Manager. Complete HOA provides a platform to the HOA Board and Property Manager to communicate projects, initiatives, and accomplishments. Residents that are informed are more likely to volunteer their time to improve the community.

Website Manager Benefits

  • Improved communication with the community, resulting in greater resident satisfaction.
  • Platform to communicate projects, initiatives, and accomplishments.
  • Concierge Service – full service option where we manage your website for you.
  • Simplifies the website administration process – reduces time to communicate.
  • Reduces the amount spent on printing and postage using traditional communication methods.

Resident Benefits

  • An informed and updated community.
  • Residents can use the device of their choice to view community News and Events.
  • Time-sensitive information can be sent directly to each resident’s inbox.
  • Residents that are informed are more likely to volunteer their time to improve the community.
  • Reduces the amount spent on printing and postage using traditional communication methods.

Key Features

Complete HOA is a constantly improving platform that adds new features every month. Our world-class engineering team is constantly looking for ways to make managing an HOA website easier. Below are a few of the key features most HOA website managers are looking for.


Easily provide news, alerts, and upcoming event information to residents.


Send important news directly to members via email.


Post important news on the website.

Events Calendar

Ensure that the entire community is aware of upcoming events.

Community Feedback

Gather feedback from residents using custom forms and polls.

Custom Forms

Gather input from the community and provide that input to the appropriate people.


Survey the community prior to making decisions.

Contact Us

Make it easy for residents to submit questions online.

On-Demand Information

Allow residents to access documents, local links, contact information, and answers to frequently asked questions when they need it.


Provide contact information for community resources.

Local Links

Provide location and contact information for local service providers.


Make community documents directly available to members.

Resident Directory

A real-time searchable directory of all community residents.


Reduce time consuming tasks by providing answers to frequently asked questions.


Control look, feel, and access using templates, themes, groups and permissions.


Manage advertisements from local businesses.


Facility management and reservations.


Assign members to groups to easily apply permissions or select eBlast recipients.


Control access to community information based upon member roles.


Templates and Themes make it easy to configure the look and feel of the site.

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Available Packages

Complete HOA offers packages tailored for those looking for a self-service solution and for those looking for a full-service solution.

Standard Package

The Standard Package is a self-service option for those wishing to manage the HOA website content themselves. The Complete HOA Platform provides you all of the administrative tools required to create and manage your HOA website. This do-it-yourself solution is ideal for the HOA that has the ability and desire to manage their own website content.

Concierge Package

The Concierge Package is a full-service option for those who want to take a hands-off approach to their HOA website. A dedicated Complete HOA Concierge is available to format, upload, and distribute your content. It is ideal for the HOA that doesn't have the time or expertise to manage a website.


A self-service solution for a do-it-yourself website manager.
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A hands off solution where we manage the site for you.
Unlimited Members
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Personal Concierge

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